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FunnyFace Magnets are an inexpensive and fun way to spice up the existing photos that are displayed on your refrigerator.  Our product includes magnets of varying sizes that can be placed over the top of original photos to make them funny.

As we say:  “Make grandpa a clown & grandma a chimp, what’s with the donkey & who’s friends with the pimp?”

One day Steve Mathison was paging through a trade magazine and stopped on an article where the author’s picture was featured at the top of the page.  His photo was one of those: “Oh-my-gosh-how-did-this-author-ever-approve-this?”  His face was beet red, he was sweaty and he looked terribly uncomfortable, like he just swallowed an Indian Ghost Chili.  Steve cut out his picture and taped it over his girlfriend’s face in a photo she kept on the refrigerator door.  Later that week they were hosting a dinner party and out of the blue, she burst out laughing when she finally noticed the funny face on her body in this photo.  Everyone at the party started moving the face around from photo to photo, and soon Steve realized that everyone attending had spent a significant amount of time entertaining themselves with this one photo (or the party was just that lame).  After that, Steve started cutting out more funny faces and the magnet idea or “the face palm smack” just happened.

We’d like to say we held hundreds of focus groups and logged thousands of hours for product evaluations based on consumers’ reactions to these humorous images … but, we didn’t do any of that.  We clicked through some stock photos, found the ones that made us laugh, then picked them based on variety.

In addition, its tough to say which images are the favorites.  We tend to think the funny face is relative to the photo, but based on the heartiness of most people’s laughs — we think the chimp face is always a winner.  Learn more on our Character Profile page. 

Anyone who likes to have a chuckle from time to time enjoys FunnyFace Magnets.  Or, you could buy a set for your boss or your favorite politician.  We have a donkey head that looks great on some of those guys.  But, seriously, kids: they have so much creativity — we gave a few Funny Face Magnets to some pre-schoolers who instantly starting drawing their own cartoons on paper and then put the funny faces on top of their drawings, so their refrigerator door became a hilarious story that was better than any photo we could ever create.

The original FunnyFace Magnet Sheet consists of 25 faces that will spice up the photos and drawings on your refrigerator or other magnetic surface.  The product comes in a high-clarity package that includes a front insert that shows the product, along with a back insert that gives simple directions.  The physical magnet sheet is then protected in between:

Front Package - Magnet Sheet - Back Package

The FunnyFace Website ( was designed to be simple, consisting of four pages that are easy to navigate.  The website was built with Flash technology in order to create an interactive page that can be used for time wasting or for poking fun at friends.  The FunnyFace site opens with an introductory page that reiterates the information you just read:

As you click onto the store page, you will automatically slide down the refrigerator door where a shopping cart exists.  We intentionally made this page simple using nothing other than Google checkout due to its versatility and cost effectiveness.  We are in the process of adding additional products to this page that will be available in early 2011.

Our product is priced at a reasonable $8.99 which is tough to pass up.  We do offer reduced rates for wholesalers, so let us know if you (or anyone you know) might have interest.  After you complete the checkout process on this page, you can venture over to the interactive area of the website:

The interactive page will allow you to upload any photo you already have on your desktop, and manipulate it with our FunnyFaces.  The website was built with a technology that allows you to zoom and rotate all of our images so they appropriately fit your photo.  Once you complete the perfect image, you can email it to a friend, save it to your desktop, or add it to the FunnyFace Magnet album:

The album page will allow you add your own photos with title and description, for the rest of the world to see.  In addition, the album page has a new section being built that will allow you to send holiday or birthday postcards to anyone you know.  PostCard Examples Here

We hope you enjoy the community we are constantly building.  The FunnyFace gang understands how difficult life can be, so we do our best at creating, posting, video recording, photographing, and everything else that helps to keep us happy and make us laugh.  Life is too short to be so serious, so we encourage you to join our community, have some fun, and BUY SOME MAGNETS for you and your friends. 

FunnyFace Management


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