Anyone Care it’s Plimsoll Day?

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February 10, 2011:  We suppose it’s our job to inform you that today is Plimsoll Day. Yeah, we feel the same way about it too…who cares.  Well, today is in honor of Samuel Plimsoll who is most remembered for introducing the visible line designed to protect sailors from ships being loaded with too much cargo.  There are multiple lines based on buoyancy fluctuations between freshwater, saltwater, tropic water and arctic water.  As politics would have it, the law requires a line to be drawn on the boat, however it is not required to be an accurately safe line.  Hmm. 

Anyway, the Plimsoll Line on boats lead to a popular fashion trend: the plimsoll shoe. According to wikipedia, the plimsoll shoe was a “canvas upper and rubber sole” which acquired the name “‘plimsoll’ because the colored horizontal band joining the upper to the sole resembled the Plimsoll line on a ship’s hull.”

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