Lets Take A Hot Bath!

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February 9, 2011:  It is National Read in the Bathtub Day!!  I would guess that as the years slip past and technology changes, this national holiday is losing interest due to the risk of dropping a Kindle, Nook or iPad into the filthy luke-warm water you choose to soak in.  To take part in this holiday, follow these rules via SassyMonkey

  • 1:  You must be able to hold the book in one hand
  • 2:  Library books are not allowed in the tub
  • 3:  Don’t read anything in the tub that you cannot replace
  • 4:  If note taking, use something that will not get wet
  • 5:  Keep a towel within close reach
  • 6:  Stay away from electronic readers
  • 7:  No reading for a class, keep bathtub time fun
  • 8:  Relax and feel free to create your own bubbles (push hard)

Although we will celebrate bathtub reading today, once again it seems as if nobody can determine the origin of this holiday.  Regardless, it’s a very cold day in the midwest so fill up that tub, take off those clothes, and do your best to finally complete Judy Blume’s “Tales of a Forth Grade Nothing”.      Happy Bathing!

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