Howdy Duty Neighbor Person.

FunnyFace Magnets
FunnyFace Photo
February 7, 2011:  We all have neighbors that irritate us some how or another, but let’s do our best to forget about these issues so we can unofficially enjoy “Wave ALL Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day”.  Thats right – Unofficial.  After many hours of researching this bizarre holiday, it seems to have been made up by a person that nobody even knows.  In that case, you can expect to be introduced to the unofficial FunnyFace Magnet day in the near future.  Regardless…lets enjoy today with a few beers and a monstrous wave of the hand including all five (5) fingers stretched out to their maximum potential (similar to Ted Williams above).  If done correctly, you and your neighbor will probably end of smiling and/or hooking up by the evening. Good luck and happy waving.
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