Dump that Jerk Today!!

FunnyFace Magnets
FunnyFace Photo
February 6, 2011:  Other than Super Bowl XLV, Packers vs Steelers, there really isn’t much else going on today other than Dump Your Significant Jerk Day.  With Valentines Day and love in the air, there are many people stuck in horrible relationships that might just resemble the photo above.  Today is for those folks.  When is the appropriate time to dump someone you might ask??  Never!! Therefore, grow some balls, dump that jerk and continue on with a free and happy life.  If you are afraid of dumping someone over the phone, there are websites such as www.Fiverr.com that will help you find someone to make that difficult call for you (for only $5.00).  No more excuses!  Here is some better information that will help you understand Dump Your Significant Other Day.   LETS GO PACKERS!!
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