Weatherperson day? Seriously?

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February 5, 2011:  For some reason or another is National Weatherpersons Day, which seems almost as pathetic as Earth Day (just kidding).  For some reason or another, we guess this is the one day a year it is acceptable for the weatherperson to miscalculate when the rain and snow will fall.  We at FunnyFace Magnets actually thought that was every day.  Anyway…someone named John Jeffries was apparently the first person to open his window way back in the day to observe and report the weather.  We’d be willing to bet there were cave people who noticed the weather first, but today we will honor John Jeffries and his miraculous discovery of weather observation.  Thank you weather people for all that you do, even though its usually incorrect.  Here is more information on National Weatherpersons Day.
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