Interview with OnMilwaukee

FunnyFace Magnets recently had the privilege to be interviewed by Sara Conrad of  The following is a write up that was published for the website at OnMilwaukee, followed by a link to an interview that took place with co-founder Steve Mathison.

“We’ve all have had that feeling of dread as a notice pops up informing us we were “tagged” in an unknowing Facebook photo. Oh crap. When was that taken? Was I showing my good side? How drunk was I?”

“Then you see the photo and realize you can’t actually remember when it was taken. It’s been years since you even saw that horrible angle of yourself and you are making your infamous “I’m drunker than a skunk” face. What to do? Untag! But, of course. Untag the crap out of that photo.”

OnMilwaukee Photo

“Instead of getting carpal tunnel from clicking the “untag” button, you can spend a mere $8.99 on Funny Face Magnets. Turn those uncomfortably unflattering snapshots into a rip-roaring good time by slapping a clown face, a chimp face or a donkey head on top of your infamous drunk pose. Besides saving you from complete and utter embarrassment, the makers of this ingenious product are right in our backyard; Riverwest, to be exact.”

“I talked to Steve Mathison, one of the founders of Funny Face Magnets to find out what makes his social networking superhero brain tick.”

Read the interview here:  OnMilwaukee speaks with FunnyFace

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