A little too much magnesium.

We cannot quite understand what the guy’s name is in this video but we are going to call him Althier.?.?  You listen and try to figure it out.  Anyways, this guy is practicing his homemade fireworks so he is ready for a Halloween extravaganza.  In all of our years celebrating Halloween, we never really thought much of bringing fireworks into the picture.  But anyways, we figured it would be appropriate to post this in late October, incase you wanted to take his advice.

We’ve watched this video 100 times and wish we could capture Althier’s funny face after the firework explodes, but it happens too fast.  In addition, we have come to find out that this video might be “staged” or “made up”.  Regardless, it cracks us up everytime and its also amazing how his t-shirt changes mid-explosion. 

Oh well, have a laugh or two and dont think much of it.

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